Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tom Henderson - 1930 - 2009

Tom Henderson passed away in the early hours of Tuesday, October 20th. He fought a short but hard battle with cancer, and we are still in shock that this strong, vibrant man is no longer with us. We've put his obituary below, and over the next few days will be posting some additional photos, fun memories, and other information we know all his friends will enjoy. In the meantime, we invite you to share your memories through the comments tool for each post - hearing your kind words and memories is great comfort.

HENDERSON - Tom A. Henderson, 78, a resident of Albuquerque since 1952, died Tuesday, October 20, 2009. He is survived by his wife of 60 years, Martha A. Henderson of Sandia Park; daughter, Linda L. Henderson and husband, Chris Norman of Corinth, TX; and numerous nieces, nephews, friends and business associates.

Mr. Henderson was born in Sheridan, WY, the youngest of four boys to Gaythorne and Mae Henderson. He served in the US Air Force from 1951 to 1955. Tom owned and operated Scott Auto Trim until 1972. He then started Automotive Paint Supply Company and successfully ran it until 1998, when he retired and focused on his hobbies: restoring classic cars, working outdoors and maintaining his home and acreage.

A beloved husband, father, and friend, Tom will be sadly missed. Cremation has taken place and a private family service will be held. Should friends desire, contributions may be made to New Mexico Boys and Girls Ranch, 6209 Hendrix Rd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110.

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  1. I sure do miss Tom. He was something special.

    I love his sense of humor and his general outlook on life.

    He'll be sorely missed.


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  3. Sister in Law, Lois McCoyOctober 29, 2009 at 12:00 PM

    Like Linda and Martha, I too am having a difficult time quantifying my thoughts after hearing of Tom's passing. On the one hand, I am comforted knowing he did not have to suffer for a long time. I know that he has suffered other health problems for awhile but you never knew it because his sense of humor and his quick wit came out dominant over any pain he was having. Cancer is no picnic! Chemotherapy is almost worse. To maintain a smile on those around you caring for you takes a very special, very strong person. That was Tom--Very Special and Very Stong.
    His greatest pride was his daughter, his wife, his home and his car restoring. He was focused on these things and it shows in his accomplishments. He rose from the "bad" boy of his class to a man with a midas touch and he knew where to apply it. His family and his home are truly a monument to his talent, his perseverance and his triumphs.
    God will surely bless those who knew and loved him. There will be a large gap here on earth but watch out heaven! There will surely be more streets of gold when he arrives there.
    Note to Linda: For the Geneologists, Please add his date of birth where you say he was the fourth son of Gaylord? and Mae Henderson. Then start your best seller book writing the Biography of a truly great man--Thomas A. Henderson.

  4. Tom and Carol DeckardOctober 30, 2009 at 11:14 AM

    It was with great sadness that Tom and I learned of the recent passing of Tom's death. I will always remember (Tom) and Martha at Mom and Dad's for partys and the picnic's we went to with them. I also thank (Tom) and Martha for giving my Mom a job after my Dad died.
    We are so sorry for your loss.
    Tom and Carol Deckard

  5. Martha and Linda,
    Tom was always one of my favorite customers at the Wine Cellar!! I am from Idaho and also lived in Wyoming and I felt a kinship to him. They don't make men like Tom anymore. They are a dying breed. His honor, loyality, and friendship were to be charished. And he was at home on that snow plow!!!! He loved his family and home. It was an honor to have known him.

  6. Tom was a wonderful neighbor and, more importantly, a loyal friend who understood the true meaning of friendship and loyalty. He’d drop whatever he was doing to help someone. His boundless energy, humor, wonderful smile, and friendship will be sadly missed. He was one of a kind.
    Tom, Martha, Jim, and I attended a party in Alb. Watching Tom and Martha dance made one thankful for music. When they glided over to the table and Martha sat down, she laughed and said, “I have to catch my breath, but Tom wants to keep going!” Tom stood next to her, his dancing feet still moving. We called him the Unidancer! Tom knew how to have a good time, and loved to dance.
    When the party ended, Jim threw me the car keys. Tom immediately said that he wasn’t getting in a car with a woman driver because a man who was drunk could drive better than a woman who was sober. The three us laughed and got into the car. I told him it was his last chance for a ride home or he’d have to call a cab. He reluctantly jumped in and kept Martha, Jim, and I entertained for the rest of the ride home! Tom had a great sense of humor.
    When our kids were young, our families got together for a lobster dinner. John and Meagan split a lobster, but John really wanted an intact shell. After a few minutes, we noticed that Tom was being careful digging out the meat from the tail of his lobster, when usually he would have cracked it open. When we finally asked him what he was doing, he said, “Johnny wants one of the shells.” Tom was kind-hearted.
    Watching Tom on the tractor as he mowed the front acreage was enjoyable. He always left the wildflowers because Martha likes them. Tom fiercely loved his wife and daughter.
    We feel very blessed to have known Tom and are thankful for wonderful memories. Dear friend, you are sadly missed.
    Jim and Marlene Briggs

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